Introducing the summer unSLUMP

  • guide + workbook

    30+ page guide and work book with planning spaces - yours to print, bind* and take with you anywhere your summer takes you! *Optional but recommended!

  • done for your calendar

    Blank weekly, dated calendar with planning spaces + important dates and holidays included for easier forecasting and planning.

  • featured videos

    Access to video interviews with veteran and first year sellers.

Happiness is unSLUMPING

Start now, can't lose.

After completing the unSLUMP you will have set the stage for a no-lose holiday season and your summer will have passed without sales-related stress.

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After completing the unSLUMP you will have set the stage for a no-lose holiday season and your summer will have passed without sales-related stress.

unslump at your own pace

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Your unSLUMP materials will be available to you immediately upon purchase! You decide when you start, progress and implement! You do not need to wait for a start date or work on anyone else's schedule.

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uplevel your unslump

  • Danielle's Calendar

    My own filled in calendar so you can see exactly what I do and when between June and December!

  • Holiday Observation Tracker

    A guide to help you track what happens this holiday season so you are EVEN MORE prepared for the next one!

for makers in business who who want to enjoy their summer season without business stress while also getting ahead for the holidays.

Summer is your most valuable season if you use it properly. Instead of stressing about slow sales (a problem you are unlikely to "fix" no mater how many sales you run or coupons you offer, which will create even more discouragement) focus on what's next: the biggest retail season of the year!

How the unslump helps you

endless benefits, but here are some of our faves

  • Maintain positive focus

  • Plan your summer, fall and winter so you'll know exactly what to work on when! (bye bye boredom and confusion!)

  • Create better marketing + promotions this holiday that can benefit you into the new year

  • Get a bird's eye view of your business and the season ahead

  • Maximize the very short window of opportunity to transact with the average American buyer this holiday so you can increase profits without stress!

  • Track what works, change what doesn't and be EVEN more prepared throughout the year ahead.


  • Is this just for new sellers?

    Not at all! Whether it's your first year or fourth year, we know the unSLUMP will help you improve the year ahead and get yourself set up for a more streamlined, profitable holiday!

  • How is it all delivered to me?

    Upon purchase, you will create log in details to access the unslump content! It is all stored on our course host site. You can download the PDFs from there and save them to your own computer and print from there if you'd like. You can download it again any time if you lose track of the file. The videos are accessible on the site as well to watch whenever you'd like, as many times as you'd like!

  • Does my access to the program expire?


  • I have the unSLUMP from a previous year...

    Awesome! The program is the same (we changed the dates to be relevant to 2019 obviously) - we encourage you to revisit your unSLUMP this year and each year of your business! If you cannot find your unSLUMP, email us and we can help you. (Pro tip: search your computer for 'unSLUMP' !)

  • Is the unSLUMP specific to Etsy sellers?

    No way. The unSLUMP is appropriate for any maker in business who is selling online through the summer and the holiday season. Does not matter on what platform you are selling on.

  • It's not summer where I live/ Is this specific to American sellers?

    We hear you. When we say summer, we mean June - September! This program is suited to any seller in or outside of the states. Please note the entire program is written in English and the videos are recorded in English as well. The program references a few American things here and there but overall, there is nothing in the unSLUMP that is so American it cannot be understood by our friends abroad.

  • I'm experiencing a sales surge because of COVID-19...?

    Awesome! There is no better time to get efficient with your systems and make improvements than right now. We might see some oddities this year with slumps, surges, holidays etc. We just want to help you feel productive and maintain positive focus as we move through this time of the coronavirus, regardless of how it is imapcting your sales today.

  • Why don't discounts work in the summer?

    When sales slow down, makers tend to go into FIX IT mode. This usually involves running sales and discounting to generate sales. Problem is, those discounts will not perform the way they intend for the same reasons sales are slow to begin with. Then they feel even worse. So save the sales and discounts and focus on getting ahead instead!

summer doesn't have to suck

Summer is traditionally a slow season for retail. It can be as uncomfortable as sand in your shoes or sunscreen in your eyes. With the unSLUMP, you won't even notice. You'll have positive focus and be using your season wisely! You'll be all set for the most profitable holiday season that's possible for you!

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